Sunday, 15 Tir 1399
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رویداد آبی شهرستان میبد
هر هفته الف-ب-ایران
عنوان سال 99
شرکت سهامی آب منطقه ای یزد

Ethic Charter of Yazd Regional Water Company


We, the employees of Yazd Regional Power company believe that:

  1. The major goal of the Company after seeking satisfaction of Omnipotent God is to create value, providing honest services and gaining satisfaction of noble people of Iran; and we will do our utmost efforts in fulfilling this important task
  2. Services of this Company improves richness and excellence of people\’s lives and reinforce the relationship between us and people.
  3. One of the most important divine bliss which has been bestowed to us is the water resources of the country; which is a great national wealth and a strategic source. We have the duty of making optimized use and preservation of this resource.
  4. By relying on the creator of existence, we remain committed to the following values which direct us in serving people.
  1. Punctuality, persistence in doing the duties, neat appearance, humbleness, integrity, honesty in word and deed, confidentiality and trustworthiness, keeping away from gossip, observing discipline and order, literature and respect, omitting excessive formalities and not to keep clients waiting in our view is one of the most important of company’s success.
  2. We deem it our utmost duty to act with justice, stay away from any discrimination in the process of work and activities and respect human dignity and clients.
  3. We will try to help in improving the culture of respecting the clients, be responsible and helpful, and try to solve people and clients’ problems; and let this attitude to grow into a rule that governs our company.
  4. We believe it to be our duty to show patience, integrity, good conduct and humbleness to maintain peace and comfort of people and clients in different places they refer to use and seek our help.
  5. We will show extensive efforts in providing collective participation and integrated team work for promoting precision, accuracy, quality and increasing the speed and accelerate the work, improve productivity and provide better services to people and clients.
  6. Comments, suggestions and constructive views of people, clients and colleagues are regarded by us as a key opportunity and we value them.
  7. In promoting different types of services especially by using electronic technology of day, we try to provide clients with high quality services in a suitable method in the existing standards levels.
  8. For the better use of available resources and facilities, we feel it our duty to observe the principles of saving, refrain from luxury and unnecessary expenses and costs.
  9. To increase the output and efficiency of our duties, to attract people’s satisfaction, we deem learning as a valuable opportunity in improving our specialized knowledge and skills.
  10. While respecting our colleagues, we take honest steps in respecting the dignity and satisfaction of clients and people in the framework of administrative regulations and laws.